Sisteract Fitness and Nutrition specialize in women’s health.

As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Daisy Renée Law will provide individual and group consultations for people who struggle with food, weight/body, chronic disease issues, using a combination of approaches based on the individual, their issues, beliefs, learning styles, and physical health needs.

  • Are you struggling with food, weight, or health issues?
  • Do you know what you’re “supposed” to eat, but not able to do it? 
  • Do you wonder why you don’t have enough willpower?
  • Is your eating getting in the way of your performance fitness, work, or daily activities?

Our goal is to guide and educate you by giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to bring itself back into balance, regardless of what state it may be in. We will help you find relief by exploring your needs with us, and developing your own food plan, priorities and change strategies.

We specialize in Complete Fitness Lifestyle Changes!! We have a unique process which allows your body to function at the highest level possible.  

First things first… It doesn’t matter who you talk to, what program you’re on, or what company you’re going through.  If you don’t want it 110%, it will not work!

Something to think about, if you are going to weight lift, bodybuilding or partake in some type of exercise; no matter what you do, it all starts with eating healthy, Cardio exercise compliments your diet. If you are in a 1,500 calorie diet it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to burn most of that off to drop weight or even lean up.  If you’re on a good diet and you are following it like you should, you can probably get away if burning half or little less to drop weight and body fat. The way to do that us to find your target calorie zone. If your nutrition is off and you’re burning too many calories your just going to start burning muscle.  Majority of people just go about their day eating and really not paying attention to what or how they eat. Please keep in mind that because you work out it doesn’t compensate for what you eat. People frequently say; I ate badly this week but I worked out all week so I’ll be OK. I wish it was that easy but it actually is not that hard.

It’s really not the carbs you have to worry about so much as the bad fats, sodium and sugar content. How you prepare, cook and season your food is very important. You must keep in mind that certain foods will store as fat in your body. If you want to change your life as in working out or you just want to eat better you have to be conscious of the food choices you make every day.

When you eat badly it will stop you from training at a higher level and limit you from reaching your personal goals.


Daisy Renee Law, Certified Nutritional Consultant